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  1. When detoxifying your body, remember that you are attempting to create an environment that will bolster and feed your immune system in a way that will nourish and enhance the proper function of your liver. Most Nutritional Doctors agree on the top 19 superfoods that aid in the detox function are:

    1. Water
    2. Wheatgrass
    3. Avocados
    4. Kale
    5. Artichokes
    6. Garlic
    7. Ginger
    8. Asparagus
    9. Beetroot
    10. Broccoli
    11. Cabbage
    12. Dandelions
    13. Grapefruit
    14. Green Tea
    15. Lemongrass
    16. Lemons
    17. Seaweed
    18. Turmeric
    19. Watercress

    However, since having all the nutrients the body needs in 100% natural plant based form is the best immune and liver promoting thing you could do. We suggest you use Promanatein for your long term detoxification.

    in addition, 4 of the top foods mentioned above are the main ingredients of Promanatein, (Wheatgrass, kale, Avocado and Beetroot). Additional Detox suggestions would include avoiding alcohol, overeating and excessive sugar.   [edit]
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