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  Does freeze drying involve chemicals?

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  1. Many people believe that the Freeze-drying process is a chemical process, or involves a chemical process to achieve. The reality is that the only two processes required to freeze dry something are 1) extreme cold (-70c), and 2) a vacuum (20 to 30 in). Rather, a common practice of the food packaging industry is to uses chemicals like Sulfites to extend shelf-life.

    Chemicals are completely unrelated to the actual freeze-drying process itself. Preservatives are generally added to sun-dried products, or products not vacuum sealed. Many freeze-dried products do not use any chemicals in the process or in their packaging, due to the fact that the freeze-drying (the removal of water) itself, along with vacuum packaging can preserve food for decades.

    Promanatein never uses any chemical additives in any of its processes.   [edit]
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