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  How do i get paid using the coupon code?

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User Answers:

  1. As you may know, after your first Promanatein order, you are issued your own Coupon code that does not expire. Not only does this coupon save you 12% on your orders, but you also will paid 5% of the total sale of any orders placed using your new coupon code.

    When you receive your first order in the mail, you will also receive 10 paper coupons with your specific coupon code printed on them. Give these coupons to 10 family members or friends, and tell them how Promanatein has made you feel.

    When they order using your coupon code, a link is created between your code and their newly issued coupon code. This allows us to track referrals and pay you 5%. out 3 generations of coupons.

    The formula below is an example of the typical result you might expect, based upon the (one time) efforts you may make (distributing your coupons). Notice the changes (in yellow) and how they change the monthly potential result.

    coupon code
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