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  1. Andrew D. Hyder is the Founder and CEO of Promanatein Inc. Mr. Hyder also designed the Company's flagship product called Promanatein. Hyder's biography can be seen here: Hyder Biography

    What qualifies Mr. Hyder to create such a health product?
    First of all, Promanatein is not a "health product" as most people know them. Rather it is organic superfood ingredients only, prepared and blended in such a way to provide 100% or more of every essential nutrient for life. This task requires a much different skillset than those required to engineer a synthetic chemical or drug.

    For Hyder (as a researcher and engineer) creating Promanatein was an exercise the mathematics of nutrient blending based upon what is found naturally in whole superfoods. Hundreds of superfood nutritional profiles were researched and mathematically blended to form the perfect combinations to create Promanatein. Obtaining pure ingredients and preparing them properly was another engineering feat.

    Mr. Hyder and his staff had to work outside of the supplement industry supply chain and work with farmers along with various freeze-drying facilities to ensure not only purity but naturally occurring nutrient standards. This was very difficult.

    How do you know which ingredients actually help people and which are hype?
    Only ingredients with unanimous favorable research findings were considered for inclusion into Promanatein. Organic spinach for example, is unanimously considered healthy.   [edit]
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