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  1. Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC; CAS No. 9004-65-3) also known as HPMC Industry code: E464 is an odorless and tasteless, white to slightly off-white, fibrous or granular, free-flowing powder that is a synthetic modification of the natural polymer, cellulose. It is a trade chemical made and supplied to the food and cosmetic industry by DOW chemical.

    Related post by Ingli297082 over a year ago

    In reply to Guest on 2013-03-18 - click to read Thanks for that, my quick search of mainstream media stuff was the usual runaround with nobody explaining anything just the degeneration game were people hold back detail in hopes that the majority will just give up go away and die slowly. Big pharma, FDA... Keep fighting for knowledge it`s power, and your God given right !

    Regarding Hyroxypropylmethtlcellullose (HPMC) capsules. Coded: E464. At the age of 70 I am pleased (not proud) with my physical and mental fitness, and had never experienced a digestive problem untill my recent experience with HPMC or E464. I want to share my experience because there is important learning within it. It began like this: A friend of mine, a molecular biologist, tipped me off about the need and the defict of vitamin 43 (FORGET D2, thats rubbish). So, for the first time in my life, I began to take a supplement; in this case Vit.D3. After taking the capsules for roughly 10 days I sterted to experience intense abdominal wind and bloating; which persisted for at least another 10 days. Then, thinking I had an infection, or that something toxic had entered my stomach; I Decided to take Echinacea herb 'HPMC' capsules; and, to avoid complicating matters, I stopped taking the Vit.D3. The wind and bloating continued unabated for about 10 days or so, when I stopped taking the Echinacea capsules too. Within a week my digestive problem had gone. Later on I became convinced that my body needed help to detox itself; so I began taking dandelion root (herb) 'HPMC' capsules; and ,within a few days the intense abdominal wind and bloating returned; making it clear to me that the HPMC (E464) capsules themselves were the cause. I urge all readers to be proactive in defence of their health; and to look deeply into the (very freaky) affects of E464.  [edit]
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