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  Is eating meat really bad for me?

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User Answers:

  1. In general, animal protein is bad for Human beings. Why? There are many reasons. Humans are not carnivores like lions or wolves.

    Meat eating animals often produces 20 times as much hydrochloric acid as humans do and most of their digestion takes place in the stomach, whereas most human digestion takes place in the intestinal tract.

    Human stomachs are not able to completely digest animal protein. Therefore, pieces of undigested meat pass into the human long intestinal tract. Meat eating animals can quickly expel undigested foods. But in humans, that putrefied and decaying meat may stay inside for anywhere from 20 to 48 hours. And if you're not healthy, it can take much longer.

    The decaying meat produces poisons like cadaverine and putrescine, that become pathogens and toxins within the human body. And since the human intestines is our major organ of digestion, some of those toxins will be absorbed by the human body.

    Further, most meat from your supermarket had been treated with sodium nitrates and sodium nitrites to make it look better and last longer on the shelves. These additives are cancer-causers in human beings; just two of a vast number of toxic chemicals that are found in meat.

    Typically, store bought meat is also full of antibiotics, sedatives, growth hormones, and chemical feed mixtures. Most of the antibiotics produced in the USA go into the feedstuff of animals. Why? To keep them alive in the typically poor conditions in which they live. When a human eats this meat, logically, those chemicals go into the consumer. The animal antibiotics you ingest, often kill off most or all of the good bacteria in our intestinal tract. This is why meat-eaters (who do not use a replacement probiotic) are usually sick with one or more illnesses and/or degenerative/chronic conditions.

    Undigested meat isn't always expelled by the human body. Instead, decaying meat had been known to become like an inner lining in the intestinal tract which will swell the normal diameter of the tract. Day after day, year after year, decade after decade, that undigested flesh can become a black, rubbery substance (known in the scientific community as mucoid plaque). It often lines the intestines and prevents normal digestion and nutritional uptake.

    In fact, most people need much less protein that they eat every day. Too much protein causes a vast number of problems. A cup of lentil or mung bean sprouts contains 10 grams of protein. Green-leaf vegetables contain completely usable protein, with all the needed amino acids. The world's biggest and strongest animals such as gorillas, elephants, hippos, giraffes, and rhinos, all build their tremendously strong bodies with vegetable protein.

    Since meat contains 5 to 10 times the amount of protein (compared to plants), it's almost impossible to stuff yourself with too much vegetable protein. Plant based protein does not rot in the intestines. Our bodies know how to completely digest vegetable protein. Your stomach and intestine do that job quickly. What isn't used, gets sent OUT of your body quickly.

    According to Andreas Moritz, in his book, "TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH AND REJUVENATION" he states, "the blood's tendency towards clotting, which is considered the greatest risk for suffering a heart attack or stroke, stems almost exclusively from the saturation of the blood with protein. Fats, on the other hand, have no blood-clotting ability." (p.142) That's why heart attacks are common among meat eaters, and rare among vegetarians and gorillas and rhinos.  [edit]
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