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  Is juicing bad?

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  1. The problem with Juicing, is that like other ways to isolate nutrients, you discard or devalue the whole in favor of high concentrations of a few nutrients. There is a very good reason why carrots come with all that fiber. Juicing often concentrates the sugars of whole foods and therefore loses much of the value of the whole foods.

    Often people include far too much fruit in their juices. The inclusion of apples and carrots means that you’ve stripped away the fiber and concentrated the sugars from many, many servings of fruit into a single serving of juice.

    The digestion of liquids (juice) occurs much faster than digestion of solid foods. This means that all that fructose sugar is being digested and absorbed far more quickly than if you had eaten it without juicing. This means that your blood fructose levels can spike quite intensely and quickly. This can cause liver stress as well as causing excess fatty acids (FFAs) to develop in the body, eventually causing insulin resistance and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Insulin resistance can then progress to metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes.

    Another problem that Juicing can have on the body is with performance drains. Juicing recipes are typically not optimized for vegetables and alkalinity. As you exercise, lactic acid, pyruvate acid, and CO2 build up as the use of muscle glycogen for energy increases. As your muscles become acidic, and hydrogen ions in your muscles accumulate from the buffering of these metabolic byproducts, fatigue sets in. This is a major problem for you as you go through intense training sessions or during a long competition, because this increased acidity can cause decrease the amount of time you can exercise, decrease exercise intensity, and lengthen workout recovery time. Maintaining metabolic alkalinity has been proven to decrease overall net muscle acidity, allowing athletes to address these issues. Most Juice recipes do not pay attention to the alkalizing effects of the juice.

    The best fruits that should be juiced as a staple are lemons and limes, as they are some of the most alkalizing foods that exist.

    There are many other problems with Juicing, such as it causing a diet lacking in protein, which can cause lean muscle tissue breakdown during exercise and low levels of blood amino acids during exercise, which leads to muscle fatigue, central nervous system fatigue, metabolic slowdown, fat tissue accumulation, decreased performance and lengthened recovery time.   [edit]
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