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  Is promanatein a pyramid or ponzi scheme?

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  Is it safe?

User Answers:

  1. Not at all. Promanatein markets its products through direct advertising just like every other traditional company. However Promanatein also markets by means of the use of coupons and affiliates. Each customer is given a unique coupon (free of charge), that discounts any order by 12% and when someone uses it, the owner of the coupon gets 5% back on the sale. This can turn into a rather substantial income for some. Also, Promanatein discourages sales meetings and the stockpiling of products as many MLM or network marketing companies employ. Further, since Promanatein does not use preservatives of any kind to extend shelf-life, the products cannot be stockpiled. They should be purchased and consumed as needed. Just like fresh food. See Promanatein Shelf Life   [edit]
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