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  Is promanatein ph balanced?

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User Answers:

  1. Foods or supplements being "pH Balanced" is sort of a misnomer, or at least a very misunderstood concept. While the food itself may have a certain pH, that fact alone does not affect the pH of the human body. The body can and does regulate its own pH based upon proper function of the kidneys and lungs. Think of the kidneys as the large pH control mechanism and the respiratory system as the fine tuner of pH. The kidneys deal in acids and excrete/retain H+ as needed and they also control the excretion/retention of bicarbonate (HCO3-). If you are acidotic, your kidneys will try to excrete H+ and retain HCO3-, if you are alkylotic, your kidneys will try to retain H+ and excrete HCO3-. This process takes a few days while the respiratory compensation (breathing rate) compensates and fine-tunes pH levels. This leaves us with the real question, which is, how do we maintain proper kidney and lung function? The short answer is that proper organ function is achieved through proper nutrition. See: Essential Nutrients   [edit]
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