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  1. MSG (Monosodium glutamate) is also known as (or is chemically similer to): "Textured Soy Protein Concentrate", "Carrageenan", "Maltodextrin", "Disodium Inosinate", "Disodium Guanylate", "Modified Cornstarch", "Ribonucleotide". They can be listed either by the food additive name or by the food additive number (sometimes called ‘E numbers’): 621, 635, 631 and 627. Legally, these MSG food additives can also be ‘hidden’ in terms such as ‘spices,’ ‘yeast extract,’ ‘hydrolyzed vegetable protein,’ ‘natural flavors’ and ‘flavoring.’ This (or these) substances are all similar or the same flavor enhancers which add a salty, savory taste to foods. They overstimulate the taste in food, making a bland food taste exceptionally good. They also overstimulate the brain, and are known as “excito-toxins”.

    These types of MSG are known to damage the appetite regulation center in the area of the brain known as the hypothalamus, causing leptin resistance and thereby eliminating the feeling of being “full.” It’s known as an excitotoxin, a chemical which over stimulates dopamine production, creating a drug-like ‘rush.’ MSG also promotes liver inflammation and dysplasia. MSG is found in: Canned and boxed soups, dried soup mixes, frozen prepared meals, canned prepared meals, fast food, junk food, chinese food, stew, chili, canned beans, salad dressing.   [edit]
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