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  Naturally occurring B12?

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  1. B12 is a very misunderstood Vitamin. Many nutritionist do not realize that ALL B12 is synthetic, even when it occurs "in nature". Ideally our own intestines will synthesize B12, but with today's massive consumption of medications and junk foods, almost no-one can make their own B12. This is why we need to supplement it. B12 is found in beef because cattle eat greens/grass and the natural fermentation in the intestine synthesize B12 and it is absorbed back into the animal.

    Further, many suggest that seaweeds, wheatgrass, wheat germ, rice bran, yeast, chlorella, kelp, bee pollen, rose hips and flaxseed are sources of B12. They are not. Sometimes however, B12 can be found (inconsistently) ON these items and therefore cannot be counted on as a reliable source.

    The real problem with B12 (as opposed to all other vitamins), is not that it's synthetic but that it is (also) made in a lab by businesses that value profits over your health. For example, the Lab made B12 known as Cyanocobalamin is terrible for human consumption because it contains approximately 2% Cyanide (yes the poison). Better synthetic types of B12 such as Methylcobalamin are a good indication that the manufacture actually cares enough about their customer to not poison them.

    Under ideal conditions, the human body can and does produce its own B12 inside the intestines, which is then absorbed back into the body. However, because of unhealthy and polluted foods, leading to improper gut chemistry in our systems, most people are not producing their own B12. That is until Promanatein. One of the specific design elements of Promanatein was to include a specially formulated Probiotic / Prebiotic that would and could be proven to stimulate the production of B12 in the human body.   [edit]
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