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  Promanatein coupon code?

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  1. After your first purchase you will get your own 12% off Coupon (in your email) that will be permanently assigned to you. If you would like to get a discount on your first purchase, then you should ask the person told you about Promanatein for their coupon code. Use this coupon code for your first purchase only. On subsequent purchases, make sure to use your own coupon. In fact when you tell others about Promanatein, give them your coupon code so that they will not run into the same problem you have - not being able to find a coupon. :-) If you found out about Promanatein on the web, then call Promanatein Customer Service: 1-844-PROMANA (776-6262) and we will give you a one-time use coupon, so that you can get your own permanent coupon.   [edit]
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