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  1. Protein! Yes we need it.

    When people eat protein-dense foods such as fish and legumes, your body begins breaking it down into smaller particles called amino acids. Once the amino acids end up in your muscles, your body starts putting them back together into your muscle tissue. This is the process your body uses to build and maintain muscle proper mass.

    However, protein isn't just for your muscles. All of the cells in your body need protein to function. When there aren’t enough amino acids from food available in the bloodstream, the body will start to break down and harvest amino acids FROM the muscles (not good) in order to keep more vital cells—like the ones in the brain and other organs—functioning. Normally, the fluctuations result in no noticeable differences in the mass of your muscles.

    While most people consume enough protein, they’re not always reaching for proper protein sources (the lean options). What’s more, research has shown that women reduce their protein levels as they get older are actually harming themselves. They should be eating more protein. Losing muscle makes your body burn fewer calories. The current Recommended Daily Amount is 46 grams per day for an adult women and 56 grams for men. Remember, calories still count, so keep an eye on portion sizes and the information found on nutrition labels, particularly fat content.  [edit]
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