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  1. Spirulina, is considered to be a powerful and nutritional superfood. However, like other water-grown nutritional products, spirulina easily absorbs heavy metals, such as mercury and lead, from its environment. Spirulina grown in areas with large concentrations of these pollutants may contain dangerously high amounts of them, thereby passing toxins on to consumers. Therefore, assuming the source is pure, your Spirulina should be pure as well.

    Although Spirulina contains many nutrients, it does NOT (in itself) contain all (or much of) all the essential nutrients, (things like B12 and Selenium). So proper nutrient pairing from foods must be done to insure balanced nutritional intake.

    Additionally, spirulina can sometimes contain inconsistently large amounts of iodine. The recommended dietary allowance of iodine is 150 micrograms per day for adults. The typical American diet supplies enough iodine and too much can have an adverse effect on thyroid function. The iodine content of algae varies widely, but commercial varieties have been known to contain more than 4,500 micrograms, according to the Linus Pauling Institute.

    Promanatein recommends getting your nutrients from a variety of organic or orponic superfoods in measured quantities to target 100% daily values of all 91 essential nutrients humans need every day.   [edit]
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