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  What do you think of neogenis superbeets?

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  1. Neogenis Superbeets is a fairly good product when compared to a typical "health" food product. Superbeets is not organic and the beet powder is spray dried not freeze dried. Essentially this means that the beet powder they use is cooked (no longer living/fresh) and less nutrient than freeze dried powder. The best ingredient in the Superbeets product is Malic Acid. Much research has been done on the combination of Malic Acid and Magnesium. The combination is a great toxin remover, liver cleaner and pain reliever. Of course Malic Acid is natural and found in almost every fresh food, especially apples. Magnesium is also found in good quantity in beets. Therefore the average person should honestly feel better when taking the Superbeets product. However there is a problem. Products like this, make or imply huge health claims which could not be possible without providing a full nutritional spectrum. Superbeets only offers a small amount of the 91 essential nutrients the human body needs everyday. While spray drying does less damage to minerals, it does a lot of damage to vitamins. This is why Promanatein exists. Not only does Promanatein provide every essential nutrient from freeze-dried plants at 100% or greater RDA levels, it contains the RDA of Magnesium and Malic Acid.

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