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  What is a synthetic nutrient?

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  1. Most consumers don't realize the vast differences between synthetic vitamins and naturally derived vitamins. Synthetic supplements are manufactured with chemicals that do not occur in nature and do not come directly from natural sources. Instead synthetics are produced in a lab.

    Most synthetic vitamins lack the transporters and co-factors associated with naturally occurring vitamins because they have been "isolated." According to the Organic Consumers Association, isolated/synthetic vitamins cannot be used or recognized by the body in the same way as the natural version and "may impede the absorption of nutrients from food".

    Synthetic vitamins can't always be used by the body, and are either stored until you obtain or create the nutrients required to use them effectively or are excreted. Synthetic vitamins are also devoid of necessary trace minerals and must use the bodies own mineral reserves which may lead to dangerous mineral deficiencies. Moreover, fat-soluble synthetic vitamins in large doses can accumulate in the body, leading to an array of toxic reactions and other imbalances.
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