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  Why are essential nutrients important?

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  1. The human body knows how to heal itself. The human body wants to heal itself. The problem is that most consumers are starved for essential nutrients while at the same time poisoned with fillers, additives and synthetic "nutrients". This causes bodies to have a very difficult time healing, repairing and maintaining good health. When we are not starving for nutrition, we become less hungry, therefore we eat less. When fully nourished, our metabolism begins to function better because we have all the electrolytes that minerals that give us energy. Therefore we naturally move more and burn more calories and lose weight. Consuming every essential nutrient the body needs in its purest (non-synthetic plant form) is the cure for the human body. There is innate wisdom built into the human immune and regulatory systems. We just need to nourish it properly, which is nearly impossible with the food we get from grocery stores.   [edit]
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