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  Will promanatein cure my diseases?

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  1. Promanatein does not cure disease, nor will medication. In fact, the only thing that can cure any disease is your own body's powerful immune system. Science confirms that the immune system needs food nutrients to cure and repair at peak performance.

    After a doctor performs a procedure or provides medication, what does he or she say? "Let's see how you do." Effectively, watching how the human immune and repair systems will react to what he or she has done.

    If you think about health in this way, you will realize that by design, our body needs the building blocks (essential nutrients) for proper disease fighting function. Just as an automobile needs proper maintenance and proper oils and lubricants, so do our bodies and our immune systems need essential nutrients. Science has well documented case studies where the human body can and often does cure itself from everything from Cancer to Arthritis. An immune system can't always accomplish these cures when damaged or abused (by lack of essential nutrients over time) beyond the point of "no return". Careful consideration should be made with your MD and ND. See Spontaneous Remission.  [edit]
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