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  Will promanatein help my arthritis?

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User Answers:

  1. Despite their being categorized as different diseases, common types of Arthritis and Osteoporosis/Osteopenia (thinning bones) are very related diseases. Many people with the help of their naturopathic ND's diet and lifestyle recommendations have been able to slow and in many cases completely reverse the typical progression of these diseases.

    Consider that three of the top ten selling drugs sold in the world are arthritis drugs. The increased incidence of arthritis is not because the baby-boomers are getting older, no more than Heartburn is a result of a Prilosec deficiency. These drugs essentially (and temporarily) mask the problem or worse. This is why:

    There are two related processes going on in the body all the time. 1) a cell called an Osteoclast is always chewing up and disposing old bone and joint material. 2) a cell called an Osteoblast lays down new bone and joint material. So it's a constant "out with the old and in with the new", all the time.

    So... when an MD sees a person with thinning bones (typically due to nutrient deficiency), rather than stimulating the production of new bone cells by the body (as is done with nutrition by naturopathic ND's), instead he typically delivers a synthetic drug chemical called a bisphosphonate, (active ingredient which is in nearly all of the medications) which puts the Osteoclast "to sleep". This makes bone and tissue scans (Dexa-Scans) look better but essentially causes the body to fill with old bone, creating a whole new disease class called "Spontaneous Bone Fracture". Which has been the cause of a number of class action legal battles.

    The real problem as that business cannot Patent what already exists in nature. Therefore if the drug companies suddenly had to develop a real cure, it would have to stimulate the body's immune and recovery system and would essentially have to use the most effective means to do so, which would look a lot like 91 essential nutrients in their purest forms (or a Promanatein like product).   [edit]
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